Thursday, September 24, 2009

Encasing with Clear, and Bubble Thoughts

I am so thankful, with the economy being so slow, that I am busy making custom orders. The sad thing, is that I don't have enough time, to add new items to my Etsy site. I did add a nice autumn bracelet yesterday. I encased all the main autumn colored beads, with clear. I have been experimenting, with keeping the bead hot, when I add the clear. It makes a thinner encasing, and I did not have any bubbles. Now to learn how to do this, over florals. Not sure it would be possible. Anyway, I kinda like the bubbles. In fact lately, I have seen some beads, that lampworkers, are adding Brass Frit. This technique, creates a lot of beautiful bubbles. When I get time, I really need to try this.

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