Sunday, September 27, 2009


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Sunday Torching

Not much to say today. Sunday is my day off, although, working at the torch does not count, now does it? Anyway, it is still so hot, in Florida. I have to get up early, and go out to the back Sunroom, before it gets too hot. I am so ready, for the cool days of Fall, and Winter to get here, and then I can torch for longer periods of time. Ahh haa, then I can post more bead sets to my Etsy account. I usually torch in the morning, and make a few pieces of jewelry, inside the house, during the heat of the day. By the late afternoon, the kiln, will be done, and then I have the wonderful pleasure of cleaning the Bead Poop, out of the beads. So how boring is this, hearing a run down of my daily activites. Sometimes, I swear, that bloggin' is more for the benefit, of the person writing the blog, and not the reader. Well, enough of my Sunday Ramble. Have a wonderful weekend fellow Torchers, and everybody else.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Encasing with Clear, and Bubble Thoughts

I am so thankful, with the economy being so slow, that I am busy making custom orders. The sad thing, is that I don't have enough time, to add new items to my Etsy site. I did add a nice autumn bracelet yesterday. I encased all the main autumn colored beads, with clear. I have been experimenting, with keeping the bead hot, when I add the clear. It makes a thinner encasing, and I did not have any bubbles. Now to learn how to do this, over florals. Not sure it would be possible. Anyway, I kinda like the bubbles. In fact lately, I have seen some beads, that lampworkers, are adding Brass Frit. This technique, creates a lot of beautiful bubbles. When I get time, I really need to try this.

Friday, September 18, 2009

From a Lampwork Customer

This is a copy/paste, of a message sent to me, from a customer, who purchased a bracelet from my Etsy Site, right before she went into the hospital. She also, purchased it on her Birthday. I do not know what her medical problems are. The message, put me in tears. Here is what she wrote:
Dearest FireDancer,
My lifes name symbolically, this is Nikki aka Nicoletta.. Iam sorry I didnt write sooner about how much I treasure the beautiful butterfly braclet you created fro me.. I wil never take it off except for xrays or surgery.. a truning point in my life that started with buying these from you.. they are Beautiful,,, Peace and Love, Nikki.. dontmind the typos.. in a hurry and the butterflys are on the move here....

This is one of the biggest inspirational, things, that has happened, since I started making lampwork Beads. All the hot summers, in Florida, working at the hot Torch. This message makes it all worth while. I can not find the original picture. It is, similiar, with one already posted here on my Blog, archived, as Eye Candy.Only the one I made for her, was made with straight sided Spree Beads.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

StudioMarcy Blog One of my Fav Artists

If you like lampworking. This is one of my fav artist.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How To Etch Lampwork Beads with Cream

I made a trip over to Michael's Craft store, and purchased some Etching Cream. So I wish to blog a little, about using the etching cream with Lampwork Beads. They did not carry the solution. I live 50 miles away, from the Coast of Florida, so I purchased the Cream, instead of the solution. In the Lampwork etc. forum, they all talked about using solution. Said it was the best way to Etch your beads.
I used one of my 50% coupons, that I received thru the email list, I joined for Michaels. The price for the 16 oz Etching Cream was about $33.00. After I used my coupon, it was quite affordable.
Now I was hesitant, about how to use it after I arrived home. I was afraid, maybe I had wasted my money, because all I had read was how wonderful the solution works.
When I got home, I strung my beads on monofilament, and just put them on the top of the cream, and pushed down a little bit,with a plastic spoon, to make sure they were emerged. Kinda like quicksand, I guess. LOL Anyway, I left them for 5 minutes. Then I took them out, and rinsed with water. Viola! Perfect.
Now a few CAUTIONS. Use plastic with your Etching Cream. And if you have any spill, remember that Baking Soda, will neutralize the acid. I really liked the cream, as I can imagine spilling solution, compared to cream. I would say, that the cream, would not be such a big mess, as thin solution. Also, Use disposable gloves, and do not let the cream touch your hands. IT IS ACID, remember. oh! Also, makes sure your beads are perfectly clean, and try NOT, to touch them after cleaning, and submerging, into the cream. I have heard stories, about residue, can cause uneven etching. I was lucky, I cleaned mine with Windex, rinsed with water, and then submerged into the cream. I had wonderful success, and it is not as scary, as they all were saying.
So, if you want to try etching your Lampwork Beads. I recommend the Cream, you can get it at Michaels.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update on the Cricket Torch

I just heard this morning, that effective September 1st. The cricket torch is no longer available for the introductory price. Ahhh, I missed out. Its still on my christmas list though. Did you hear that Santa?