Monday, August 31, 2009

Lampwork Cricket Torch

This is a picture of the Gtt Cricket Torch that everybody is raving about. It is very efficient with fuel and oxygen. You can even custom order it in different colors. You can use it on a 5LPM, and also the larger Oxygen concentrators. It works, ever better I suspose, as I do not have one YET!! After visiting the site, I see that it is still on Inductory price for $139.00 The site is here , so sure hope I can get one before they go up to the $167.00 price. Christmas after all, is right around the corner.
The torch is a surface mix, with 5 jets. I seen one, when I was in Cape Coral, for a lampworking session. You can make a very small pin point flame with this torch quite easily. I can easily see this torch replacing the Nortel Minor, as an industry standard for the first step up, from a Hot Head. Some have claimed as far as efficiency, this torch has outperformed the Betta, and Paranha. I even read in a blog somewhere, where somebody stepped down from a 7 jet torch, the Bobcat, to this oxygen efficient Torch. SANTA, Please don't forget me this Christmas!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lampwork Bead Set

Here is just a short post showing some eye candy. It is a new set of straight sided Lentils, made with Brown, and then I used a mint, and pink frit blend. It has been a challenge learning to use the lentil press. Not for the faint of heart. But as they say, practice practice practice. PPP You can view them on Etsy at

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lampwork Focal Bead

My Newest Focal Bead just listed on Etsy, at or the main website is Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Promoting your Etsy Site

This is the greatest site, to read about promoting your items on Etsy.

How to Get Your Jewelry Seen on Etsy

Marketing Lampwork Beads Short And Sweet Advice

I saw this today on the Featured artist link on the main page of Etsy. I think this is some very good advice, as to how to run your Etsy Shop, and in fact, any kind of internet marketing. The address for this article is ( , and I will post a short snippet right here, as follows;
Post great pictures of your products. They are more likely to be picked up by bloggers. Make quality products at a variety of price points. Keep enough items posted to keep people in your store longer. Post items regularly to keep your store fresh. Be attentive to your customers. Answer their questions, pack your products well and ship them quickly. Include any necessary instructions on care and use.
His shop name is Wood Elements.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Still on vacation, Adding the Cricket Torch to my Christmas List

Just a quick note, to let you all know that I am still on vacation, in Oakland Nebraska. This wonderful little community, was rated 38th best town to raise a family. by Business Week Magazine. I did have a Gallery pick up some of my work.And the local newspaper featured me, with an article about my Glass Artistry. The art Gallery is called Creative Collection. When I get back to Florida, I will post some pics, and more information. My Etsy site, is on vacation for now. I will have to get back on the Torch as soon as I return, I have some custom orders, I have picked up, while traveling. I saw on Lampwork etc. today, that the GTT Cricket Torch is about to go off the inductory, sale price. Many are raving about this New Torch compared to the nortel Minor, or nortel mega minor. They say it is much more fuel efficent, and works better on the smaller oxygen concentrators. It's all the RAVE, and I hope Santa remembers me this year. For now, I am still on a Hot Head, and it takes forever for me to complete my custom orders.